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Visual Dairies ,Oxford Brookes University 2005/05

This was an installation that Cultural Criminals did in the Quad at the Westminster campus.
in visual Dairies we asked staff and student to take photos of their lives every 30 mins.
The resulting images were sealed in plastic and attached to the sticks that then waved in the wind...

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ArtWash was founded in 2003
This is an Artist led venue in a working Launderette.

As part of my first performance there I started making little paper dresses .
I've kept making them ever since.

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design research

self directed project,2005

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bowl with hair

design background for my hairy bowl.2005/06

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Mother Hubberd 2000

I made this prop/set in 2000.
It still tours from time to time.

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ArtWash-crazy Golf

ArtWash was started in 2003.
This is just one of the kind of events that take place...

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